Vivoblu Deploys 1,300 Water Filters in Four Countries

DENVER February 24th, 2019 – Vivoblu launches 1,300 water filters to organizations in India, Peru, Rwanda, and The Philippines. The first generation filter is servicing an estimated 6,000 people in homes, communities, schools, and churches. The filter is durably built to last 2-4 years in harsh conditions when correctly cleaned and maintained. Vivoblu is currently collecting water testing data from each country in the initial testing cycle.

In the first three months of product use, Vivoblu has received positive feedback from each organization currently using the product. Customers report that there has been decreased sickness and fewer visits to the doctor among all users, resulting in an overall financial gain for the families. Users have also expressed that their children are able to remain in school and parents are missing fewer days of work due to sickness. “Getting this solution has been a great help. After getting the filtered water, my family has been healthy” says Bubai, a community leader in Kolkata, India “There are 6 people in my family. We have all been drinking the water and we feel very healthy.”

Organizations Currently utilizing Vivoblu filters:

  • Momentum India – 450 filters (Kolkata, India)

  • Conapac and Global Health Initiative – 350 Filters (Loreto region of the Amazon)

  • Arise Rwanda – 250 filters (Boneza, Rwanda)

  • Prosmile – 250 Filters (Coron Island)

Vivoblu’s filter is patent-pending and was designed for third-world usage. Vivoblu filter products use durable, high-grade plastics and hollow fiber membranes, equivalent to the membrane technology used in kidney dialysis. 

Vivoblu began with a mission to impact lives through clean, safe water. Our founder, a street child in Korea until the age of 6, started Vivoblu to serve others like him with clean water solutions that would actually last in the harsh conditions of the developing world. Our first customers were kids in the slums of India and villagers in remote Rwanda. We’ve since grown into a global product company.


About Vivoblu

Vivoblu is a Christian water filtration company located in Denver, Colorado.  Vivoblu is using its uniquely designed, patent-pending water filtration solutions to provide access to some of the nearly 2 billion people who lack clean water. Water-related illnesses are killing over 16,000 people per week and are the second leading cause of death for children worldwide. Vivoblu decided to address this need by designing household filtration systems that are durable, affordable, and easy to use and clean in developing countries. Vivoblu is providing these filters primarily to Global Non-Profits, churches, and disaster relief organizations so that they can provide their communities with clean, safe water for longer at less cost. Additionally, Vivoblu is focused on improving lives around the world by creating jobs and sharing the gospel with the communities they serve. For more information, visit