About VivoBlu

The Vivoblu story begins with John DeYoung, a lifelong businessman and entrepreneur, and the founder of an India-based non-profit serving the poor of Kolkata India. John had been searching for clean water solutions for the students of his schools which were located in the slums and villages of West Bengal. Over the years, John has traveled to 31 countries and repeatedly found that developing countries had little or no access to clean drinking water.   Over a four-year period, John had purchased various water filter products for testing and use and found that a majority of them failed within six months due to ineffective design, backwashing methods and faulty parts. These filters were not made to last in harsh water conditions of the third world and typically failed every few months. The failing filters sparked a passion inside of John to begin searching for a better clean water solution for the impoverished families around the world.

In 2018, John took all of his learnings and joined forces with product engineers and passionate individuals to build a top-tier team to create a purpose-built, water filter solution for the families in developing countries (and in disaste relief situations) that would be durable, economical, and simple.

They knew they needed to create a filter that was durable enough to withstand filtering the world’s most undrinkable water for an extended time. They also understood that the filter would need to be simple to assemble, use, and clean regardless of education, age, or income.  Developing a purpose-built filter like this would require the Vivoblu team to eliminate the many parts and the backwashing mechanism used by most other filter designs. Finally, they knew they would need to build a filter that was cost-effective for non-profits, governments, organizations, and individuals.

Vivoblu has since designed a water filter that meets these needs, and has filed a patent application for a water filter on our CORE Family filter, which is intended for use in homes, schools, and community centers in the developing world, as well as in disaster relief situations and in war-torn areas like the Ukraine.

The Company

Vivoblu is a minority-founded, investor-backed water filtration company located in Denver, Colorado.  Vivoblu Inc http://vivoblu.com is using our uniquely designed, patent-pending water filtration solutions to provide access to clean, safe water for disaster relief, refugees in war-torn areas, and to some of the nearly 2 billion people who lack clean water.

Vivoblu designed a purpose-built rugged household filtration systems that are durable, affordable, and easy to use and clean in disaster relief and in developing countries. We are very active in Ukraine disaster relief, and we also created a 10L water bag backpack especially for the Ukraine that you can read about here. Vivoblu sells these rugged water filters primarily to global non-profits, clean water organizations, governments, ministries, churches, faith-based organizations and disaster relief organizations so that they can provide their communities with clean, safe water for longer at less cost.

    Vivoblu is serving NGOs, governments, clean water organizations, ministries and churches in 30 countries.

    Vivoblu was named one of the Most Innovative Colorado Based Water Companies & Startups in 2022.

    Vivoblu launched our retail initiative in mid-May 2022, with our product now available on Amazon. Consumers are buying our rugged camping and hiking water filters like crazy! Vivoblu water filters are now the #1 New Release in Camping and Hiking Water Filters! Check it out! https://amzn.to/3z0kvDt

Our water filtration system works using gravity alone in a two-bucket system, with no electricity or water infrastructure needed other than the included system parts, and uses the same fibers technology as those used for kidney dialysis. Our clean water solution is now in 30 countries and is getting great customer and end-user reviews and has shown excellent results in the villages and communities where we serve.

Also be sure to check out Vivoblu Water for All, which is our charity arm and a US 501 (c)(3) registered public charity, providing practical, sustainable, and safe water solutions to some of the nearly 2 billion people around the world who lack clean water in the poorest regions of the world’s developing countries. Since 2015, our corporate partner, Vivoblu Inc., has helped communities access clean, safe water by providing training, expertise, financial support, and water filtration systems through our staff and implementing partners.